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About this page - Zoology links

Find the Flounder GREAT CAMOUFLAGE
Mystery Arthropod
Mountain lion reports from NW Iowa & SE South Dakota & SW Minnesota - Short Report
Relict populations of Prairie rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis) in NW Iowa
Home Page for the American Scientific Affiliation
Affiliation of Christian Biologists list serve (in active)
Dordt College Library (Ebscohost, Carl Uncover and other decent electronic data bases)
Databases for the Dordt student
MedLine (PubMed)
Dordt Premedical Advising Notes
Dordt Premedical Links
Science and Christianity Links

Some of my animal pictures (See mammals for more)

An elk in the Rockies (Jasper Park)
American Toad from Sioux County Iowa
Coyote (Sioux County, Iowa)


Marine Species Identification
The Animal Diversity Web
BIOSIS | Free Resources
Carrefour BIODIDAC Home Page
Aubodon guides (birds, reptiles, etc)
The Electronic Zoo
The Micropolitan Museum (beautiful microscopic images)
Animal Cams and more from the Tapir Gallery
NMNH (Smithsonian) Research & Collections 
Amphibian embryology. (Neat videos).
LUMEN Histology home page
Veterinary Medicine (Biosciences)
Veterinary Medicine Resources-Schools(USA)
Hardin MD - Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources 
Zoonotic Diseases CDC
A Calvin Zoology Prof. - Home Page of Curtis L. Blankespoor
CELLS alive!

Marine resources

The National Association of Marine Laboratories
Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole)
Dr. Ian Johnston's Coral Links
The Society for Marine Mammalogy



Peter Darben's Images - formerly at Queensland (link broken)
The American Society of Parasitologists
David Gibson's Parasitological URLs
Clinical Parasitology Images and Descriptions
Diagnostics of Veterinary Endoparasitic Diseases
DPDx - CDC Parasitology Diagnostic Web Site
NWHC: Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases (birds)
Web Atlas of Medical Parasitology
Chiang Mai Parasite Page
EUCALB (European Union Concerted Action on Lyme Borreliosis)
Cryptosporidium Research at Kansas State University



Intro to Ciliate Homepage
The Entamoeba Homepage



Parasitic Nematodes Home Page
Worm Gallery (Interesting nematode pictures)
the Home of Nematode and Neglected Genomics in the Blaxter Lab


Bryozoans (Moss animals)

The Bryozoa Home Page
Moss Animals Invade Lake Cochituate (bryozoan, Pectinatella magnifica)



The Scorpion Files - Picture gallery (Scorpion pictures)
Spiders of NW-Europe
Spiders In and Around the House or Dorm room
Spider picture
International Society for Arachnology
Perkin's Fossil museum
Sam Gon's Trilobite page
Kevin Brett's Trilobite Gallery
IRGO Home Page: International Research Ostracoda
Fossil biomechanics: Eurypterid movement
Entomology at Iowa State University
INSECT CATACOMBS - Insect web links, images, and art
Insects on the Web
Wonderful World of Insects - with pop ups
Entomology Index: Mailing Lists
Butterfly Pictures - courtesy Philip Greenspun
The Butterfly WebSite .
Antlion Pit: A Doodlebug Anthology



Illinois Mussels
The Cephalopod Page; Octopuses, Squid...
Ocean Planet: In Search of Giant Squid
Great clam fishers Wow
Cone Shell & Conotoxin Homepage



American Fisheries Society : Welcome to the AFS Information Site
Fish Information Service (FINS) Index
Search FishBase
Ichthyodectid fish (Xiphactinus?) from NW Iowa
Fiona's Shark Links Galore (Old page many links don't work)
Welcome to the Shark Foundation
Fossil sharks (elasmo.com)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Home Page



Crocodilians: Nat. History & Conservation: Crocodiles, Caimans..
The EMBL Reptile Database
Herpetology of Iowa
Reptiles and Amphibians of Minnesota
kingsnake.com - the worlds largest reptile and amphibian site
Prairie Rattlesnake
Turtle Trax - A Sea Turtle Page
Pliosaurid tooth
About Dinosaurs



Frog and Toad Photographs and Calls
CGEE: Friends of frogs
American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists


National Audubon Society
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
bird songs
BirdSource- Birding with a Purpose.
The Eagle Page
Alaskan eagles



Pictures of neat tundra mammals

    Columbia Ground Squirrel Image
    Marmot (Glacier Park Montana)

ASM | The American Society of Mammalogists
Index for Mammalian Species (ASM pub) - Virginia Hayssen
Roberts Skull Collection
Bill's Wildlife Sites; Mammals
Local fossil rhinos and .. (Ashfall Fossil Beds)
The Shrew (ist's) Site
The Tapir Gallery - Welcome!
The badgers of the world
Honey Badger
coyote or coyotes wildlife information - DesertUSA
Cougar behavior in NW Iowa
Mountain Lion (Felis concolor) [ASM species pub]
Tiger Information
The bear den
Polar Bears International - Bear Facts
Welcome to Pandas International (Giant Panda organization)
Bat Conservation International


Biology misc. and sources

Harvard Dept of MCB - Biology Links
Systematic Biology Home Page


Education Sources

MERLOT (Resources for colleges)
Center for Biological education (CBE)
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
T.H.E. Journal
Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE)


Chemistry Department at Dordt College
Chemistry Resources
Harvard Dept of MCB - Biology Links
RasMol Home Page
ExPASy Molecular Biology Server
ACSWeb (American Chemical Society)
MSDS  (Iowa State)


Ecology Environment

CEDAR - Central European Environmental Data Request Facility
Nature Conservancy
EEN (Evangelical Environmnetal Network)
Environmental Studies Department (Dordt College)
Ausable.org - Overview
Ozone etc - NASA  
US Volcanos (USGS)
Ecological Society of America
Center for Environmental Studies (Brown University)


Other Christian groups

Affiliation of Christian Biologists Sub group of ASA
Christian Academic and Professional Societies
ICLnet Home Page
Pascal Centre
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
American Scientific Affiliation
The Canadian Scientific and Christian Association


Creation/evolution links (from Kuban's Paleo Place)
CERD: Creation/Evolution Reference Database
Discovery Institute (Intelligent Design)
Access Research Network (favors Intelligent Design)
Geoscience Research Institute (SDA)
The Biblical Creation Society: Links to other sites
Resources for Jim Hoffman's Seminar in Creation and Evolution  broken Link
PCA Creation Study Committee Report (2000)
The Days of Creation - RCUS position
Reasons To Believe (Hugh Ross)
The Nat. Cen for Sci Ed (Defends Evolution)


CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
NetVet Veterinary Resources / Electronic Zoo Mailing Lists
Email Lists on Biology & Life Sciences, especially vet and ag related
BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroups
Mailing List Manners 101 
Mailing List Etiquette FAQ 
Mailing List Etiquette:Best..


 Switchboard: Find a Person
WhoWhere? (lycos) 
MapQuest! Welcome!

Science Journal

Dordt biology dept home page.

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