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About Paleo Links 
The PaleoNet Pages
Paleontological Soc.
Palaeontological Association (British)
Palaeontographical Society 
Affiliation of Christian Geologists
Paleontology Resources Page
Invertebrate Paleontology Image Gallery
Fossil Vertebrate bibliographical database
Tapping Educational Resources (UC Museum)
Ashfall Fossil Beds Resources 

Some People in Paleontology

Keith Brady Miller
Sticks & Mud Research Institute - Dr. R.A. Gastaldo
Paleobotany in Antarctica (Gar W. Rothwell)
1999 Plesiosaur Dig (Mike Evert at work)

WWW lists

Open Directory - Science: Earth Sciences
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Earth Sciences
Welcome to PRI
Geology links, U of Newcastle, Australia
Paleontology Web Sites (from geology club, Dry Dredgers page)
Museum Lists and More

Societies, Journals and other things

International Organization of Palaeobotany
Paleobotanical Section, Botanical Society of America
American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
On-Line Earth Science Journals
Geological Society of America
Paleontology Division - Geological Association of Canada (Use IE)
Pollen and Spore Images
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Modern and Fossil Pollen Data
The American Quaternary Association
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
Geological Association of Canada (GAC / AGC)
Paleontology Division - Geological Association of Canada
Palaeontologia Electronica Journal
Palaeontographia Italica
The Paleolimnology Home Page
Ichnology, The Study of Plant and Animal Traces


Fossil biomechanics
Locomotion of air breathing vertebrates

USENET group

Paleontology newsgroup (very noisy-mostly spam)

General Fossil Images

Ancient Life in Kansas Rocks--1
Earth Science Images from AGI
Pennsylvanian Age in Kentucky
Photographs of Fossils Kentucky area
Eocene fossils from the London Clay
Bugess Shale from Smithsonian Museum
Lagerstätten Catalogue: University of Bristol
Amber homepage

Fossil groups

Virtual Silurian Reef - Front Page
Brachiopod page (European)
Brachiopods at the Smithsonian (link not found)
Trilobite page
Guide to Order of Trilobites (Sam Gon III)
Crawfordsville Crinoid Fossils
WMNH - Ammonites 


Links for Palaeobotanists 1 (Lots of good stuff!)
Mazon Creek Fossils
Palaeozoic Forests
Plant Fossils of West Virginia
EOCENE FLORA (Green river Fm.)
Paleobot - A Paleobotany list


American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
PALYNOLOGY at the University of Arizona
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - The Electronic Edition
World Wide Web Sites for Palynologists

Fossil Entomology

Fossil insects of Kansas
Quaternary Entomology Laboratory
Subfossil Beetles in Quaternary Studies
Home Page for Scott A. Elias, I. of Arctic and Alpine Research

Forams and some other microfossils

Foraminiferin collections at National Museum of Natural History
The Pander Society - International Conodont Research
Berkeley's Microfossil Type Collection
Calcite Palace (Mainly coccoliths)
British Micropalaeontological Society Home Page
Cushman foundation (Forams)

Fossil Fish

Ichtyodectid fish from NW Iowa
Mesozoic fishes
Good shark site (
Fossil sharks and rays from the Cretaceous of The Netherlands
Megalodon Teeth Catalog (commercial)

Dinosaurs and other reptiles

The Dinosauria
Archives and info on DINOSAUR Mailing List
A dino site
Dinosauria On-Line
Ben's Pliosaurid tooth from Paleo trip
Plesiosaur and other marine reptile site
KU Plesiosaur Gastroliths
Just About Mosasaurs
A Day in the Life of a Mosasaur


Mammoth Site Hot Springs SD USA
Nebraska Feature Fossils

Evolution Creation

Evolution/Creation under ZooLinks


The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Museums
Welcome to UCMP!
Welcome to the Royal Tyrrell Museum Homepage
The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Smithsonian Natural History
Museum of the Rockies Paleontology Department (bad link)
Natural History Museum Berne Switzerland (NMBE) -
Illinois State Museum Exhibits
Welcome to PRI
Vertebrate Paleontology, University of Nebraska State Museum
Sternberg Museum Virtual Tour
The Academy of Natural Sciences
Welcome to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
ESU Geology Museum

Sahara B.'s Cool stuff @ Field Museum of Nat. History Mus.

Exhibits at The Field Museum
Teeth, Tusks and Tarpits 4a

Geological Surveys

Iowa Geological Survey
Ill. Geol Survey
Kentucky Geological Survey
Indiana Geological Survey
Nebraska State Geological Survey
U.S. Geological Survey Home Page
List of Geological Surveys.

Commercial Sites

Black Hills Institute of Geological Research


University of Iowa Geology Department
Geology at UIUC (University of Illinois)


Welcome to the NRGIS Library - Iowa Geological Survey - DNR
7.5' Topographic Maps in Iowa (Old - use link above)
Iowa Geographic Image Map Server (old)
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Welcome To MapQuest!
Atlas Maps - The National Atlas of the United States of America
TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map - commercial

Databases to search

Faunmap (dist. of late Quaternary mammals)
BFV (Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates)
Mineral Identification

Other Stuff

National Geophysical Data Center
INSTAAR (Alpine and Arctic Research)
Collecting Fossils in California (Well done amateur group)
Rock and fossil Collecting Sites
Fossil Surgery
Fossil Hunter (Mike Perona) - bad link

Creationists Oops

Dinosaur and Human Tracks
Carboniferous human bones -- an evaluation


USGS Electronic Directory
USGS ESIC: Ordering USGS Products
USGS National Geologic Map Catalog
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - The Electronic Edition
Glossary of Oceanography and the Related Geosciences with References
Switchboard: Find a Person

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