Cougars in NW Iowa area

Cougar shot October 23, 2003 in rural Sioux County, Iowa
9 miles west of Sioux Center and 5 miles north of Ireton

"Human ignorance about mountain lions and the processes of nature, leave persons vulnerable to vague fears and biased attitudes that generate unreasonable solutions." Benson of the Colorado Division of Wildlife (1991)

The following web pages are designed to share with the public some of the sightings we have had of cougar (mountain lion or puma) in the northwest Iowa area and also provide some useful information about some of the known biology and behavior of these cats. In most cases, more information is  available from the author. 

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Benson, D.E. 1991. Bridging philosophy and management for lions and people. pages 83-85. In Braun, C.E. (Editor). 1991 [date of conference]. Mountain Lion-Human Interaction. Symposium and workshop April 24-26, 1991 in Denver Colorado. Colorado Division Wildlife 114p.

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