Christianity and Science Resources
A few good places to start.
Christian College Coalition Resources
This is a well done site and has some useful resources. The most helpful items are probably under the Professional Development & Research Tab
InterVarsity's Bibliography on the Integration of Faith and Scholarship
This biography is not as extensive as my own but has a number of useful links. You might start by checking out some of the material it has on and by George Marsden.
Christians In Science
This is a group of mainly British scientists who are committed Christians, interested in the relationship of science and Christian belief. The organization cosponsors the journal, Science & Christian Belief. They also have a e-mail listserv.
Access Research Network
Phil Johnson has tried to wake up the evangelical community to the secular influences of science. He has been especially concerned with the secular effect of neoDarwinian theory. Some of his material and some useful links can be found at this site.
Keith Miller's Science/Faith Bibliography
Like myself, Keith Miller has compiled an annotated bibliography on science and Christianity. He sporadically updates it and would appreciate any suggestion for adding to the list. You can contact him at:
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