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Dordt Ensemble Information

Ensembles: (personnel lists are NOT up to date here!)

   ~ Concert Choir

   ~ Chorale

   ~ Kantorei

   ~ Bella Voce

Index of past choral ensemble programs available in PDF format.

Dordt College Alma Mater, with fanfare. 

Dordt College Concert Choir CD "Praise to the Lord" Now Available


Dordt Music Activity Scholarship Information

We offer music scholarships of up to $6000 per year for talented musicians, and the awards are not limited to Music Majors. For more information about our scholarship opportunities, click the following link: Scholarship information and application forms




~ An external page with information (pdf samples and midi or mp3 audio) about my compositions and arrangements is available here. Please feel free to e-mail me with requests for complete pdf files of the scores; they're either cheap or free!

~ MP3 files, texts and program notes of Timepieces (2002).

~ MP3 file of The Old Mink Farm, by "Cornelius Bensema," Prof. Arnold Koekkoek, narrator. (2005)

~ MP3 file of The Canons of Dordt theme song, also by "Cornelius Bensema." (2008)


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