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John W. Zwart

Professor of Physics

498 4th Ave NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250-1697

Phone: (712) 722-6288

Fax: (712) 722-1198

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Courses - links lead to course documents saved as pdf files

Physics 203 Sample Exam #1

Physics 203 Sample Exam #1b

Physics 203 Sample Exam #2

Physics 203 Sample Exam #2b

Answer Keys For Both Fall 2014 Exams


Systematic Errors in Video Analysis

Weaving Experimental Skills background information pdf file of student handouts and background information referred to in the above talk

Formal Report Peer Review Materials - pdf file of handouts and grading materials used for formal report

Case Study - Powerpoint file of a case study of an experiment used to prompt discussion with students to develop their ability to make judgment calls in experimental design. Presented at the summer 2010 AAPT meeting in Portland.  Feel free to use as is or adapt (with attribution).  If you do find it helpful, please send an e-mail to let me know.  If it's not useful I don't need to hear about it. :)

Draft of video analysis and reference length stuff - pdf


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