WiSE Club

Past Officers of WiSE

Officers for 2011  
Sally WinkelPresident2012
Rachel SmithVice President2013
Erica LieuwenSecretary2012
Hannah Orlow 2013
Officers for 2008-2009
Katiegrace Youngsma President Class of 2009
Melissa Ropp, Vice President Class of 2009
Rachel Gorter Secretary Class of 2010
Stephanie Argo Treasurer Class of 2010
Melissa Ropp Public Relations Class of 2009

Officers for 2007-2008
Amanda Arkema President Class of 2008
Katigrace Youngsma Vice President Class of 2009
Kim Deelstra Secretary Class of 2008
Laura Birchard Treasurer Class of 2008
Rachel Antvelink Public Relations Class of 2008

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