2011 Vermeer Math Workshop



Kuyer's Mathematics Christian Perspective (Homeschool Website)
The Stapleford Centre Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences
Nurturing Faith Blog James Nickel's Biblical Christian Worldview

Transforming Teachers

Devotions for Upper Level Math Classes
Where is God in the Math Classroom?
Valorie Zonnefeld for IAPCHE
God and Math:
Thinking Christianly About Mathematics and Education
Why Mathematics and Christianity
Wayne Westenberg

Workshop Materials

Math Quotes Christian Perspective of a Unit Worksheet
Personal Finance Unit

A Generous Education in Mathematics by Alice Horrocks

Integrating Faith + Math David J. Huizenga Textbook Evaluation Rubric
Biblical perspectives of mathematics by John Hay Biblical Integration in Mathematics: Why and How by James Sellers
Can Mathematics Be Taught in a Christian Way?
by Tom Hilgeman
Christian Math Perspective  by Dan Beerens
Essential Questions Teaching Mathematics from a Christian Perspective by James Bradley
Pre-Calc Essential Questions Blog Workshop Powerpoint
YouTube Video  


Links for Personal Finance Unit

Personal Finance Unit

Rent Application

Yamaha Credit Card



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