Valorie Zonnefeld

Mathematics Instructor, Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA


Critical Thinking and High Level Discourse 2014 Summer Seminar

Rich Problem Solving Tasks 2014 Wisconsin Mathematics Council Conference

Game Time 2014 Wisconsin Mathematics Council Conference

Game On 2013 Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Teaching Intentionally with Technology 2013 Faculty Workshop

Heartland 2012 Exploring Problem Based Learning in the Math Classroom

Heartland 2011 Enhancing the Math Classroom with Technology

2011 Vermeer Math

Dordt Discovery Days

Girl, You're Golden! (The Golden Ratio and Beauty) - November 3, 2009 WISE Conference, Sioux City, IA

You Tube for You

Personal Finance

Showing Students God's Hand in Mathematics  -Professional Development Workshop for SCCS 10-26-09

Parental Support of Mathematics

Where is God in the Math Classroom?