Primary Source Documents

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Useful Digitized Online Resources--courtesy of Kurt Hackemer, Associate Professor of History University of South Dakota

More USD Resources:

    History Department Research Paper Guide

    Writing Book Reviews

    Supplemental Research Paper Guide

    Non-Digitized Online Resources

    More Useful History Links


Making of America---University of Michigan GREAT The standard for digital archives---great searchable, full-text information

 Making of America --- Cornell Links some similar to Michigan site, but alot different as well---go to it!

Digital Librarian: History Links: See other sites on the digital librarian

Hanover College List of Electronic Texts and Primary Documents:


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution: A great site with essays, images, texts, songs, maps, timeline, glossary


Causes of Civil War--_Seccession, etc primary documents:


University of Virginia Electronic Texts--_GREAT!!!


University of North Carolina Electronic Texts

Mostly on history of the South, especially Civil War---a ton of stuff.



Primary Source Collection at Library of Congress---Description of holdings given.  YOU MUST check this out for a major source possibility.  It contains everything from Civil War sheet music to Jefferson’s papers.



Primary Source Collections—different from above—that work with Library of Congress. MUST SEE



Manuscript Reading Room ---- Library of Congress
         ***George Washington Papers at L of C



Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project.

Primary Sources regarding Lincoln pertaining to eight major themes in American history:

 frontier settlement; Native American relations; economic development; women's experience and gender roles; African-Americans' experience and  American racial attitudes; law and society; religion and culture; and political development.



Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress

Items in the Abraham Lincoln Papers date from 1833 through 1916. But most of the approximately

20,000 items are from the 1850s through Lincoln's presidential years, 1860-65. The bulk of the Lincoln Papers consists of letters written to Lincoln by a wide variety of correspondents: friends, and legal and political associates from Lincoln's Springfield, Illinois, days; national and regional political figures and reformers; and local people and organizations writing to their president.



New York Public Library---Full Text Primary Sources

These include collections ranging from Hudson River Valley history, surveyor’s of the Western US, African-American women writers, and Cuban literature.


United States Historical Census Browser:


 3,800 web page links to primary source collections! Wide range, no sorting, but Great Mostly offline primary source collections--but good starting point to see what's available in your area.

 African-American Women Writers in 19th century----NY Public Library Digital Collections

 Western European Primary Documents and Archives

 American history documents---mostly well known ones  Mostly political (inaugural speeches) or foreign policy

 Avalon Project at Yale Law Library--- very good diplomatic, international relations, and legal documents

 Liberty Library---political philosophy and documents from Britain and US, esp
         ****Complete Writings of Thomas Jefferson!!

 Rare Book and Special Collections---Digital Library at Duke University Wide range of topics and digitized documents! A MUST SEE--esp for history of advertising, sheet music, women's history (including civil war letter series).


 New Deal Documents---some partial, not always complete, but good variety

 FDR Presidential Library---German Diplomatic Files
 FDR Safe Files---National Security Issues from FDRs person safe, etc.--- 6 boxes
 FDR Vatican Files---diplomatic, esp

 US Army Military History Institute --- Revolution through Vietnam

 Supreme Court Collection--Legal Information Institute---great sources and links

 Supreme Court Historical Society Digital Library

 Full text, searchable Digital Library for Pittsburgh and Western Penn---over 80 books.

 Special collections Lists nationwide----University of Houston

 US Presidential Library Links!!