Great Plains R-Users Group Conference

May 29 & 30, 2014

On the Campus of Dordt College — Sioux Center, IA


    Registration / sign-up for workshops takes place as part of the conference registration process.

  Lunch will be provided for all workshop participants

    Introduction to R Workshops
        Paul Teetor, Quant Development LLC
            8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
            1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
                FEES:  $200 for one session, $275 for both sessions

    Teaching the Statistical Investigation Process with Randomization-Based Inference

        Nathan Tintle, Dordt College
            9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
                FEE:  No cost to attend due to NSF grant



This full-day workshop is intended for high school teachers and faculty members who have experience with or soon will be teaching introductory statistics, AP statistics or an equivalent course. The goals of this workshop are to help participants to revise their introductory statistics course in two ways:

  1. Using randomization-based methods, as opposed to methods based on the normal distribution, to introduce concepts of statistical inference, and
  2. Emphasizing the overarching process of conducting statistical investigations, from formulating a question and collecting data through exploring data and drawing inferences to communicating results, throughout the course.

The workshop will provide direct experience with hands-on activities designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts of inference using randomization-based methods. The learning activities involve using freely available applets to explore concepts and analyze real data from genuine research studies. The presenter will also offer implementation and assessment suggestions during these activity-based sessions and discussion sessions based on the experiences of the Introduction to Statistical Investigations curriculum development project (authors: Nathan Tintle, Beth Chance, George Cobb, Allan Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, and Jill VanderStoep). More information about the project on which this workshop is based can be found at:

This workshop is supported by a grant from the            National Science Foundation (DMS: 1323210).img007       

The Introduction to R Workshop is a hands-on experience. Students learn about R by doing R. The instructor introduces each topic, then the class explores the topic through guided exercises. 

The workshop is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. The morning session is for newcomers with little or no prior exposure to R. We start with the mechanics of using R, how to get help, understanding basic data structures, and how to access datasets. We move through descriptive statistics, common graphs, and fundamental statistical tests. We end with tips for using R efficiently and tapping into the vast ecosystem of R.

The afternoon session picks up where the morning session left off. It covers next-level topics in data structures, statistical tests, and graphics, letting participants move beyond the basics. It continues with topics in linear regression, including simple regression, multiple regression, categorical predictors, and interaction terms. It ends with one or more additional topics in regression, such as doing ANOVA or generalized linear models in R.

Participants are expected to have R and RStudio installed on their laptops before the workshop begins. They will receive instructions beforehand for installing the software.





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