This is the landing site for files related to courses I took at UNL.

2008-2009 AY

Math 901/902, Algebra I and II [with B. Harbourne]: course notes.
Math 921/922, Real Analysis I and II [with M. Foss]: course notes.
Math 905/953, Commutative Algebra/Algebraic Geometry [with R. Wiegand and S. Iyengar]: notes forthcoming (maybe).

2007-2008 AY

Math 817/818, Intro to Modern Algebra I and II [with T. Marley]: Qual prep notes.
Math 825/826, Mathematical Analysis I and II [with A. Donsig]: Qual prep notes (with much thanks to Derrick Stolee, for providing the first several pages).
Math 871/872, General Topology I and II [with A.J. Radcliffe and S. Hermiller].


Comprehensive Exams:
Since I am sufficiently neurotic and was annoyed with myself for a few mistakes I made when taking the actual exam, I wrote a PDF version of solutions to the June 2009 Comprehensive Exam covering Math 901/902 (Algebra I and II), available for download here.