Professional Writing in the English Classroom

A co-edited column for English Journal
by Jonathan Bush & Leah Zuidema


100.2 Professional Writing: What You Already Know

100.4 Beyond Language: The Grammar of Document Design

100.6 Good Writing: The Problem of Ethics

101.2 Student Writers as Problem Solvers in Literature Classrooms (with guest authors Dawn Reed & Katie Greene)

101.4 Literature-Based Professional Writing: An Oxymoron Whose Time Has Come (with guest authors Kelley R. Newhouse, Michele L. Propper, Ruth M. Riedel, and Barbara S. Teitelzweig)

101.6 Are You a Writing Bully? Considerations for Teachers and Students

102.2 Let's Get Real: Using Usability to Connect Writers, Readers, and Texts

102.4 Professional Collaborative Writing: Teaching, Writing, and Learning--Together

102.6 Designing a High School or Middle School Course (or Unit) in Professional Writing


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