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 Club Constitution
He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Justice Matters Club is to raise awareness, promote advocacy and provide opportunities to the students, faculty and staff of Dordt College in things pertaining to issues of justice. A secondary goal is to help raise awareness in the greater community of Sioux Center.

What we mean by Justice

There are two different, but not unrelated, emphases of the club: social justice and environmental justice. From the beginning, God saw His creation was good and He created humans to steward, develop and enjoy that world. We are called to work towards the establishment of justice and shalom, both in creation care and social justice. The club will seek to balance these two emphases without underemphasizing one or the other, because in fact they cannot be separated or ranked against each other.
While Dordt College tries to present a distinctly reformed vision, the Justice Matters Club is not bound to think only within that reformed tradition. There are a great number of Christian perspectives on Justice which the Club will draw on and critically engage, whether on not they are labeled reformed.


There are three types of membership: general members, the members of the leadership circle and the club officers. This should not be viewed as a hierarchy. Rather members should view these categories in terms of service. Members of the leadership circle serve the club in different ways than the general members. The same goes for the club officers.
Membership will be determined by whoever is on the email list. The club will alter this list in three ways:
1. By taking down email addresses at Club day at the beginning of the fall semester.
2. By personal request, either to join the club or to leave.
3. At the end of every year, the club should email every member on the list, asking them whether they would like to continue to remain on the email list.

Leadership Circle

The leadership circle should meet regularly. The Leadership Circle has the responsibility of making decisions. The members of the Leadership Circle will consist of whoever shows up. Members of the leadership circle will participate in different sub-committees and help organize different events.


Justice Matters is organized neither as a democracy nor as any other type of government. Rather, decisions will be made by consensus. When the club needs to make a decision, the Leadership Committee will simply discuss the matter until the group as a whole arrives at a decision. If there is any significant disagreement, then the members should pray for guidance and then resume discussion. If that fails, then they will pray once more and come to a decision by placing the options in a hat and then picking one. This will only take place in the most extreme circumstances.


The club will not have officers in the formal sense due to the fact that the notion of an officer often conveys the concept of added power or prestige. However, there are certain functions of the club which are best accomplished by delegating those functions to certain individuals. Therefore, the club will have three positions: the steward of the treasury, the steward of communication and the steward of meetings. The steward of the treasury will coordinate all monetary affairs including arranging for honorariums and travel expenses for speakers. The steward of communication will take minutes and email the club with updates regarding upcoming events. The steward of meetings will set some sort of an agenda for meetings. Ideally, these positions will involve almost no decision making and the people will almost exclusively act as coordinators. These are not positions of power. Rather, they simply provide an extra opportunity for members of the club to help serve the club. The people to fill these positions will be chosen by means of consensus.

The Constitution

This document will come into affect when the leadership committee meets and approves it by means of consensus. Likewise, it will be amended or even completely replaced by the same process.

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