Welcome Friend!

The world is a much bigger place than we could ever imagine. It is a weird scenario that the adventurer longs for home yet the person at home always desires the adventure. I know not what to say, nor a way to say it well. But it's funny how we always want what we don't have. Contentment, I suppose, is one of the hardest things to ever come by. It' not something we find just lying on the ground somewhere. It's a decision. A decision to be content.

Decisions are funny things too. They can be little- like deciding what to have for lunch. They can be big- deciding to move halfway around the globe. And sometimes they can get you into things you had no idea could have happened.

But that's for another day. Welcome to my page! I am Jessica Lillo. You can learn more about me on my about me page. For now, suffice it to say; I am an interesting person, like I would say most people are. Your average girl who has big dreams and bigger plans. You can see some of my video work, my graphic design work, and even a couple of my musical performances if that's more your speed.

And, exciting tid bit of trivia for you guys. The picture of the girl with the cartoon bird isn't actually me. It's my twin. She's pretty exciting too actually. We look so similar that if you didn't know us, it's hard to tell us apart. But, once you get to know us, you can tell how similar and different we are.

Jennifer with A Bird