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Douglas De Boer's Bookmarks

Google Search: Main Page
Yahoo! Babel Fish - Text Translation and Web Page Translation
Yahoo! Babel Fish provides free online text and web page language translation tools!


Dordt College Intranet--DCC--Dordt College Central
Password protected My DENIS, Academics Tab--broken link
Dordt College WWW Home Page

DCC--Intranet, On campus or proxy access only

Canvas@Dordt Links

CORE 399 Calling, Task and Culture
EGR 117, Introduction to Engineering: Electronics
EGR 220, PHYS 206, Linear Circuits & Electronics
EGR 304, Embedded Microcontroller Systems
EGR 322, Electronics I
EGR 323, Electronics II
EGR 360 Introduction to Power Systems Analysis
EGR 363 Introduction to Communication Systems
MATH 204 Differential Equations

Bod Book
Career Services
Chapel Schedule--broken link
Computer Services
Crisis Management Plan
Documents--broken link
Engineering--Department's version on DCC
Midterm Grades | DC Central
Registrar's Core Program Advising Guide
Textbook Requisitions--T.R.O.L.
My_Advisees (DENIS version)
My_Advisees_(DCC version)
Advisees (self-serve system)
Current Semester Course Schedule
Next Semester Course Schedule
Course List | DC Central


Bod Book
Career Services
Douglas De Boer’s Blog
Engineering Department--advancment office version
Faculty, Douglas De Boer
GroupWise WebAccess--login
GroupWise WebAccess
Web pages for Faculty, Staff, Clubs, and Students at Dordt College

COURSES currently taught by Prof. De Boer

EGR 117 Introduction to Engineering Electronics (each fall)
EGR 220, PHYS 206, Linear Circuits and Electronics (each fall)
EGR 304 Embedded Microcomputer Systems (each spring)
EGR 322 Electronics I (fall of even calendar years)
EGR 323 Electronics II (spring of odd calendar years)
EGR 360 Introduction to Power Systems Analysis (fall odd calendar yrs)
EGR 363 Introduction to Communication Systems (sprg even clndr yrs)
MATH 204 Differential Equations

COURSES formerly taught by Prof. De Boer

EGR 104 Introduction to Engineering Design--electrical module
EGR 204 Introduction to Microprocessors and Digital Circuits
EGR 221 Linear Systems Analysis
EGR 362 Control Systems
EGR 366 Digital Signal Processing


Academic places

Calvin College

Engineering Department
Calvin (home page)

College of Business - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Grand Valley State University

Welcome to Grand Valley State University
Padnos School of Engineering

LeTourneau University Home Page
George Fox University
Hillcrest Alumni
Iowa State University
ISU College of Engineering
Messiah College
National Technological University (NTU) Home Page
Northwestern College
Northeast Iowa Community College
Northwest Iowa Community College ( NCC)
NSF REU in microelectronic and photonics
Olivet Nazarene University (Education With a Christian Purpose)
Phoenix, University of-- Online Education
Sioux Center Christian School (Elementary and Junior High School)

South Dakota State University

Center for Power System Studies
South Dakota State University
College of Engineering

Trinity Christian College
Unity Christian High School, Orange City
Western Christian High School, Hull
The mission of Western Christian High School is to provide God-centered secondary education to young men and women using the Bible and its principles...
Western Iowa Tech Community College
Westmont College Home Page

Businesses (no vendors)

Advanced Microcomputer Systems Homepage
Altera Corporation: The Programmable Solutions Company
ASUS, Manufacturer of computer boards and parts
Axiom Manufacturing Inc. - (972) 994-9676
Centerpointe Electronics & Gibson Tech Ed Kit Store HOME PAGE
CGN 68HC11, wirewrap sockets and applications information.
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
EEM On-Line
Emulation Technology, Inc. World Leader for IC Adapters, Test Clips, Sockets and IC Testing Accessories for QFP, BGA, PGA, PBGA, SOIC, TSOP
Extech Instruments
E&L Instruments
Heathkit Educational Systems
Hewlett-Packard Test & Measurement Educators Corner
Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. Home
Hynix Semiconductor, formerly Hyundai semiconductor
Integrated Device Technology Inc., Santa Clara CA
Interstates Electric and Engineering, Sioux Center IA
Instrument Repair Service, Inc. Elk Grove Ill
Lattice Semiconductor, manf. of Programmmable Logic Devices
Link Instruments - oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, FFT.
LUMEX Inc. (Manufacturer of opto-electronics)
M-tron Industries, Inc.
MicroSim Corporation
Missouri Basin Systems Group Home Page
Microsoft's Academic Coop
Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector: University Support
Motorola, Inc.
National Semiconductor
Performance Semiconductor Corp.-SRAM,memory,SRAM,MIL-STD-883,microprocessor,CMOS,MIPS,SOS,R3000,MIL-STD-1750A,IC,integrated circuits
PowerWorld Corporation
Philips (A.K.A. Royal Philips Electronics)
Pragmatic Instruments' Home Page
Sencore (Manufacturer of test equipment for TV and Computer servicing)
Simpson Electric Company Home Page
Sun Equipment Company MTS-8088 Microprocessor Training System
Super 8
Texas Instruments
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers - industrial manufacturing supplies, equipment, plastics, valves, fasteners, motors, compressors, engineering, CAD/CAM, sheet metal fabricating
Triplett Corporation Home Page
URDA, Inc. - First in Microprocessor Trainers
Other Computer-Related World Wide Web sites

Electronics Parts Data

AntennaWeb--TV station finder and antenna advice
The Datasheet Archive
Electronic Engineers Master - EEM - Electronic Components and Inventory Search, Electronic Products' Buyers' Guide, is a comprehensive, online reference guide resource of electronic components and equipment for engineers, technical managers and purchasing professionals. The Electronic Products' Buyers' Guide can be used to find manufacturers and their products; locate authorized distributors of electronic components, determine part availability via distributor inventory levels, find data sheets and more. The Electronic Products' Buyers' Guide also features illustrated product information pages on thousands of parts, provides links to articles about new products and technologies and furnishes updated manufacturer catalogs.
Fairchild Catalog: Logic Products by Function
Fairchild Semiconductor - Products Home Page
Fugitsu, US Portal
IC Master Online -- my user name is ddeboer
Lattice Semiconductor: CPLD Products
Philips Semiconductors; Data Handbook System
Texas Instruments (TI, SN code) Semiconductor Products
TI 5402 DSK: The Things I Learned the Hard Way
Maxim Integrated Products (manf. of MAX 232)
LUMEX Ink., LEDs, LCDs, SMTs, Opto-Couplers and Displays
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.--Semiconductor Products

Static Ram

2K x 8 Static Ram Data, Performance Semiconductor Corp.
2K x 8 Static Ram Data, IDT6116SA, Integrated Device Technology Inc., Santa Clara CA

Supertex: Datasheets (MOSFETS included)
Zilog Z80 CPU User Manual (PDF file) WARNING: Some op-codes in this manual are wrong.
Hans Summers Datasheets (your last-resort stop)


THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
NIST Boulder (Colorado) Laboratories
Sioux Center, IA - Official Website
Sioux Center Public Library
Welcome to The Advanced Television Systems Committee Home Page
OSTI, Dept. of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Lab Tips


Handbook of Batteries in Dordt's library TK2901 .H36 1995 (this link brings you to a review of the book)
Rechargeable Batteries--Institute of Biomedical Engineering Technology page on. . .
Batteries in a Portable World: Online Book

Circuit Simulation

Design Lab Release 8 AKA PSpice Circuit Simulation Software from Michigan Tech U
Installation of MicroSim PSpice Evaluation Version 8 (mostly works with version 7.x too)
SPICE - a brief overview--From Univ. Pennsylvania Dept. EE
Spice circuit

EGR 304 Lab Tips

Beyond -- info on legacy ports, USB, other interfacing issues
Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site
Shah, Microprocessor Design Made Easy Using the MC68HC11 (Book in *.pdf form)
RS-232 Tutorial, from Tel-Aviv University
Interfacing The Serial / RS-232 Port
Welcome to USB
Agilent Technologies' Educator's Corner - Resource Guide for Engineering Educators
LAN standards--"Get IEEE 802"(TM) Home Page
68HC11 Microcontrollers Resources
RS232 tutorial from CAMI Research, by Strangio


EGR 221 Lab Tips

Demonstrations from Johns Hopkins University

Assembly Language Sources--Links to. . .
Assembly language tutorials--the Programming Sharehouse
Circuits Archive - University of Washington Electrical Engineering Department
Circuits Archive - University of Washington EE dept.
Circuit Cellar Home
Color Code Calculator -- The Original JavaScript Resistance Calculator
CPLD, FPGA: The Programmable Logic Jump Station
EE Compendium - Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming
Electronics Tips From Our Tech Department - Electronix Express
Electronics Links - Electronix Express
E.N.E.N.'s NetSeminar: Update Your Engineering Knowledge-Sign Up Today
Ethernet: The Definitive Guide
Hack a day -- -- crazy project ideas
Ingo Cyliax, "State Machines," Circuit Cellar Online, Nov. 2000
International Engineering Consortium: Online Education--tutorials (Requires Internet Explorer)
International Line Voltage Standrds by:Controlled Power Company
Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8/33.6/56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks)
NASA Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors, Pub SP-7084
Paul's Technical Projects
Soldering Techniques--care of soldering iron
Thinkquest's An Online Guide for [electronics] Beginners - Home
Tom Cantrell, "Zilog Lives!?" Circuit Cellar Online (about 1999?)
University of Alberta, EE dept. Directory of /pub/cookbook
Woody's Watch
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
William Stallings' Computer Science Student Resource Site
WORK-READY ELECTRONICS-An Industry-supported System for Synchronizing Curriculum to the Rapidly Changing Workplace
Yahoo! Science > Engineering > Electrical Engineering

Z-80 CPU

Z80 "Undocumented" Technical Information -- From Spectrum FAQ
Z80-Family Support Page



Maranatha Christian Journal -- Christian News & Views
The Sioux City Journal - Siouxland
ThisDay -- Lagos, Nigeria (requires Internet Explorer)
ThisDay -- Lagos, Nigeria (This link works with Netscape 4.x but gives only a portion of the web site)
BBC News | Front Page | front page
Vanguard -- Lagos Nigeria


FM 88.5, KDCR, Sioux Center IA, Christian Radio
FM 89.3, KXNE, Norfolk NE, Nebraska Public Radio Schedule
FM 89.3, KRSW, Worthington MN, MPR Classical Music (Minnesota Public Radio)
FM 89.7, KUSD, Vermillion SD, South Dakota Public Radio
FM 90.3, KWIT, Sioux City IA, NPR News, Talk, Classical and Jazz
FM 92.5, KELO, Sioux Falls SD, Lite Rock / AM 1320
FM 93.9, KSOU, Sioux Center, Contemporary Rock & local news
Sioux County Radio (93.9 KSOU; Hawk Country 106.9 KIHK; Classic KSOU-AM 1090)
FM 98.7, KISD, Pipestone MN, Oldies: Christensen Broadcasting

Web Streaming

WMNR Fine Arts Radio - Monroe Connecticut--Classical Music
WKSU, Kent Ohio--Classical Music and News
Kansas Public Radio--Classical and NPR news
WCPE plays Great Classical Music 24 hours a day on 89.7 FM in North Carolina, across North Ameria via satellite, and worldwide on the Internet.
Classical KUSC
105.9, WQXR The Classical Music Station of NYC
WQXR - New York Public Radio
Interlochen Public Radio, WIAA/WICA Classical/News


Analog TV Stations

Ch. 2, KUSD, PBS, South Dakota Public TV, Vermillion
Ch. 4, KTIV. NBC/UPN Sioux City
Ch. 9, KCAU, ABC Sioux City
Ch. 11, KELO, CBS, Sioux Falls
Ch. 13, KSFY, ABC, Sioux Falls
Ch. 14, KMEG CBS Sioux City IA
Ch. 17, KTTW, FOX, Sioux Falls
Ch. 19, KXNE, PBS, Nebraska Educational TV, Norfolk NE
Ch. 20, KWCM, PBS. Worthington MN, Pioneer Public TV (web link requires Internet Explorer)
Ch. 27, KSIN, PBS, Iowa Public TV, Sioux City
Ch. 36, KWSD, WB, Sioux Falls SD
Ch. 44, KPTH, FOX, Sioux City IA
Ch. 46, KDLT, NBC, Mitchel SD (Ch 46 Tx from Sioux Falls, Ch 5 Tx from Mitchel)

Digital TV Stations Assignments (The analog channel that is given over to send the digital signal is shown in parenthesis)

Ch. 2.1, (in band of Ch. 34) KUSD, PBS, South Dakota Public TV, Vermillion
Ch. 4.1, (in band of Ch 41) KTIV-DT. NBC/UPN Sioux City
Ch 9.1 (In band of Ch. 30) KCAU-DT, ABC Sioux City
Ch 11.1 (in band of Ch. 32) KELO-DT, CBS, Sioux Falls
Ch 11.2 (in band of Ch. 32) KELO-DT, UPN, Sioux Falls
Ch. 13.1, (In band of Ch. 29) KSFY-DT, ABC, Sioux Falls
Ch. 14.1, (In band of Ch 39) KMEG-DT CBS Sioux City IA
Ch. 17.1, (In band of Ch. 7) KTTW-DT, FOX, Sioux Falls
Ch. 19.1, (In band of Ch16) KXNE-DT, PBS, Nebraska Educational TV, Norfolk NE
Ch. 27.1, (In band of Ch 28) KSIN-DT, PBS, Iowa Public TV, Sioux City
Ch. 44.1, (In band of Ch. 49) KPTH-DT, FOX, Sioux City IA
Ch. 46.1, (In band of Ch. 47) KDLT-DT, NBC, Mitchel SD


FOX, Twentieth Century Fox
NBC...Must See TV Meets The Web - Family Friendly Television Network
PBS ONLINE®: Welcome!


Abandonware -- Links to abandonware sites

Altera, MAX+PLUS II Student edition related sites

Altera Manual: "Getting Strated with MAX+PLUS II"
Altera University Program: MAX+PLUS II Student Editon

Dave's list of interesting DOS programs
DOS-Only - The source for DOS tools, source, utilities, help and pointers.
Freeware Network--Freeware Downloads
The Keep - Ye Source for the Abandoned Ones | Abandonware & Classic Games


The MathWorks - Online Documentation (Help Desk), Release 11
The MathWorks: Developers of MATLAB and Simulink

PowerLoad Home Page--old DOS and Windows support files
PowerWorld Corporation
PseudoSam 80z Assembler, an 8086 to Z80 Cross Assembler
Simtel.Net - A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software.
SourceForge: Welcome
Synchronx--a program from Clickteam
TRIUS, Inc.--Publishers of "Draft Choice for Windows"
Tucows Downloads - Download the best software, shareware, freeware, demos, themes, games and more!

Win32s for Win 3.x

Three Point One
General Overview of Win32s
HOWTO: How to Troubleshoot Win32s Installation Problems
How to Determine Which Version of Win32s Is Installed
INFO: Win32s Information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base
Download Win32s v1.30c with OLE
Win32s DLL libraries
Win32s FAQ

Legal Stuff

Audio Amplifier--Power Output Claims--Code of Federal Regulations: Title 16, Part 432
Code of Federal Regulations
United States Code
Audio Amplifier--Power Output Claims--Code of Federal Regulations: Title 16 part 432--WAIS Document Retrieval

Linux Links

Linux Documentation Project
REDHAT.COM -- Serving the Linux and Open Source Communities - the new MW3: Motif on the World Wide Web
Octave Home Page
From DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO


Build an electric motor

Beakman's Electric Motor
Electric Motor
Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Stripped Down Motor
My Motor - An Electric Motor Science Project

NCT Web Magazine
x86 Monthly Digest -- Mar '97
A Working Symposium
MapQuest! Welcome!
Advanced Television/HDTV
SBE Chapter 70 - Industry Links
ATSC Home Page
RLE - Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing Group
THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk
EEM On-Line
Applications of Digital Wireless Technologies to G... <BR>Sampei
Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network
Dr. Andrew Basden--Now here is a REFORMED character!
Craig Peacock's Interfacing the PC.
Word Info: Tips and Techniques
Courses at EE at the UW
Yahoo! Science:Engineering
Jargon File Resources
Photography Links
Olympus OM-1 Service Manual
The Olympus Hardware Resource Page
Photography lessens online/offline: 275+ links
EVA/DC - Build an EV
John Kodis' Broadcast Station Location Page
The De Boer Family's Homepage
Covenant Christian Reformed Church


Addison Wesley Longman, Cmptr & Engr Publishing Group
Eerdmans Publishing Company - 90 years of independent publishing excellence
Engineering Index: Engineering Village 2 | Overview
Formulations--Publishers of Lab Manuals
Houghton Mifflin Company
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishers
McGraw-Hill Higher Education Web Site
Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press USA
Prentice Hall Academic Catalog
Wiley College: Engineering/Computer Science
Write Source Home Page


WBACH Massachusetts' Clasical Music Station
MN Online
R&R Passport
Classical Music - Classical Net Home Page - Classical Music
Statement on the P-TRAK file from LEXIS-NEXIS

Online Libraries

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Paul Halsall/Fordham University: Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Steam Engine Library
WWW Virtual Library
Guided Tour on Wind Energy


ABET, Accrediation Board for Engineering and Technology
ASA, American Scientific Affiliation
ASEE, American Society for Engineering Educators
Association for Reformational Philosophy
Council For Christian Colleges & Universities
CSR Faith-Integration Articles
CES Christian Engineering Society
Engineering Institute of Canada
The International Tesla Society--CAUTION: De Boer does not endorse this site! Visit at your own risk!
Iowa Engineering Society
JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (standards orgainization)
WISE, Women in Science and Engineering

IEEE, Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Dordt College IEEE Student Branch
Siouxland Section of IEEE
IEEE Home Page
IEEE-USA News & Publications
SDSU IEEE Student Branch
The Maine Section IEEE Homepage
IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Web Contact Update - Intro Page
IEEE History Center
IEEE Global History Network - (Formerly IEEE Virtual Museum)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Vendors (Electronic Supplies)

California Switch & Signal, Inc. (CalSwitch)
Electronix Express - Interesting Electronics Links
JDR Microdevices Web Site
ECP - Educational Control Products
Testmart, vendors of Test Equipment, New and Used
MTS-8088 Microprocessor Training System
Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. - Interconnect solutions including BGA, PGA, DIP, SIP, and custom Sockets.

Weather maps

Maps by

US & Southern Canada, Current Surface Weather Conditions by
US & Southern Canada, IR Satellite Image by
US & Southern Canada, IR Satellite Loop by
US & Southern Canada Radar (Composite Image) by
US & Southern Canada, Radar (Coomposite Image) Loop by
Upper Midwest IR Satellite Image by
Upper Midwest IR Satellite Loop by
North & South Dakota and NW Iowa Radar by
Iowa and Surrounding Area Radar by
Iowa and Surrounding Area Radar by
Iowa and Surrounding Area Radar Loop by
Sioux Falls, South Dakota NEXRAD - Base Reflectivity by
Omaha, Nebraska NEXRAD - Base Reflectivity by
Rapid City SD NEXRAD Base Reflectivity by

Omaha Live Doppler 6000 by WOWT TV Channel 6 in Omaha
Sioux Center Weather Forecast by KMEG
Sioux City Live Doppler 2000 by KMEG TV
Sioux Falls, Huron and Wall Live Doppler 2000 by KELO-LAND TV
Dew Point Reports and Contours:

National Weather Service

NOAA's National Weather Service
NWS - National Mosaic Enhanced Radar Image: Full Resolution
NWS - National Mosaic Enhanced Radar Image: Full Resolution Loop
NOAA Graphical Forecast for Upper Mississippi Valley
National Digital Forecast Page. The starting point for graphical digital government weather forecasts.

Windows Tips & Info

DOS HELP and NOTES ON MS-DOS 6.22 + BATCH programming on Win9X
Woody's Office Portal
Word Info: Tips and Techniques
Word 97 Annoyances
Changing NT and Win2K Keymaps through the Registry

WWW Stuff

HTML Code Tutorial
HTML for Beginners: Getting Started With Web Design Made Easy
Looking to have a bit more control over how the things you put on the Web look? Check out our beginner's HTML primer for your intro to Web design.
HTML Goodies (including tutorial info)
HTML Tutorial from EchoEcho
HTML Tutorial from W3Schools
Iowa Network Services
Math Symbols in HTML
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
NCSA Mosaic
Trumpet Software International
8 Finest Bits Of Free Stock Photo Sites - Inspiration Bit
A Beginner's Guide to HTML


GTE SuperPages

Personal Toolbar Folder


Dordt College Homepage
Manage Mailbox


Netscape Search
AOL NetFind

Technical Writing: Books and Reference Sources
Keith Soltys' Home Page
PC Magazine: Visual Basic for Everyone (08/01/97)
Marlin Viss -- Marlin's Computer Central
Parking lot standards, chesterfield VA
NetSeminar Preview
TechSearch--Word 97 autocorrect
Jones on Stepping Motors
RSR PLDT Trainers - Electronix Express Online Electronics Catalog
JPEG image 275x144 pixels
Karl Lunt's Home Page
Links for EE 305
ETSU's Microprocessor Design Home Page
The MathWorks - Symbolic Toolbox
The MathWorks - Control System Toolbox - Functions
The MathWorks - mpc Functions
The MathWorks - Signal Processing Functions
Index of /~ptrckbkk/engineering/
Dordt College Engineering
Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8/33.6/56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks)
Why We Must Fight UCITA - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
NWU  — UCC 2B and UCITA Threat
Some of the Bookmarks for Gordon Chaffee
Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Nigeria
Systems of Units
Quality Air Products, Inc. > Air Filtration > Page 3
Unholtz-Dickie Corporation - Vibration Test Equipment
Dordt College Library
John's Book Pages
Nifty Tools' Windows 3.1 / 3.11 Tips and Tricks: How to Swap Windows' CapsLock and Control Keys
GSX Server 1.0 - Configuring the COM1 Port in a Windows 2000 Guest Operating System
uc: how to convert act to sat i scores
Creativity in Science and Engineering
Broadcast Station Location Page
Submit Minutes
The Santa Barbara Independent Tea Fire 40 Percent Contained

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Microsoft finds new PCs in China preinstalled with malware | PCWorld
The company said the malware was embedded inside counterfeit versions of its Windows OS and infects millions of computers around the world.
Errata, Sedra & Smith 6th
the pencil box sioux center - Google Maps
Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps
Linear Circuits & Electronics
Electronics I
Embedded Microcontroller Sys
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Chapel | Engineering at Dordt College

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Colloquia Series | National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois
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