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Dr. Douglas F. De Boer, P.E.

Professor of Engineering
Dordt College
498 Fourth Avenue NE
Sioux Center IA 51250

Photo: Dr. De Boer

Office: SB1638 (moved from SB2608)
Office Phone: 712-722-6245

More about Prof. De Boer, his CV.

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Office Hours, Fall 2017

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays,
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesdays,
except classes, lunch, meetings, etc.

Meet me in person or via phone, chat, etc.
I "chat" via Microsoft Skype for Business.
   (Skype for Business may already be installed on your computer as part of MS Office.)
I talk on the telephone too. x6245 or 712-722-6245
   (I like the telephone. Call all you want. It is very convenient for both of us.)

Students have permission to call or contact me at my office at any time, 24/7, but you may need to leave a message if I'm not in.
Students also have permission to telephone me at home any day except Sunday between 8 AM and 10 PM (Sunday is OK too if if the call is not about course work). My office phone number is 712-722-6245. My home phone number is 712-

I have a "virtual open door" policy. Any time I am in my office, I'd like to be available. Unless there is a "do not disturb" note on my office door, just knock—even if the door is physically closed. Similarly, if you are in a dorm or elsewhere and want to talk, just pick up your phone and call.

Here is Prof. De Boer's general Weekly Schedule.
Professor De Boer is now working for Dordt College on a half-time basis.


In the Fall of 2017 I am teaching these two courses:

C EGR 363  Introduction to Communication Systems
   CORE 399  Calling, Task, and Culture (Mentor)
Note 1: Professor De Boer welcomes qualified students to inquire about adding a Kuyper Scholar's Project to any of his courses.

Note 2: Students may click on the blue "C" symbols for direct links to the course files in Dordt's course management system, called "Canvas." Anyone may click on the gold links to the public portal for the course.

Some of the courses that I have taught in the recent past are:

EGR 220/PHYS206  Linear Circuits and Electronics (with a lab) *
EGR 304  Embedded Microcontroller Systems (with a lab) *
EGR 322  Electronics I (with a lab) *
EGR 323  Electronics II (with a lab) *
EGR 360  Introduction to Power System Analysis *
EGR 363  Introduction to Communication Systems *
MATH 204  Differential Equations *
* Links to Prof. De Boer's most recent past web site for the course.
From there you can find a link to the course syllabus and more.


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How does he calculate course grades?

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