Fall 2016 Audition Results

First, "Thank you!" to all who audition; Dordt is blessed with a tremendously talented group of musicians!

However, not all singers could be placed in the choir or choirs of their choice, and I know that many of you will be disappointed.  I have to make the best choices that I can, based on current vocal abilities and the limitations of balanced sections. If you are not placed in the choir of your choice or if you simply wish to improve your vocal abilities, please consider a semester of voice lessons; you can still sign up for lessons before noon on Thursday.

Please be sure to check all possible choir pages (see links at the bottom of this page) and all possible choir sections for your name (use Ctrl-F to search); it's possible that you are placed in a section other than where you expect to find yourself. The Bella Voce list is not yet posted, since new members are welcome to show up at Tuesday evening's rehearsal  - please do! The Kantorei list is also coming soon.

NOTE: If you indicate that Concert Choir is only option please know that it is possible that I will not be able to place you there. If you find, after the fact, that you are able to fit Chorale into your schedule, please let me know so that I can consider you for that ensemble.

Please (please, please!) let me know immediately if there is a scheduling conflict with the choir in which you are placed.

First Rehearsals: 
The first rehearsal ... 
... for Concert Choir will be Thursday, August 25 (3:15 pm),
... for Chorale will be Friday, August 26 (1:00 pm),
... for Kantorei will be Monday, August 29 (3:00-3:50 pm), and
... for Bella Voce will be Tuesday, August 30 (8:00 pm).

Thanks!  ~~ bk

The links below will open/download pdf documents.