Although all members are equally important within the organization, officers are appointed to handle specific tasks necessary to give the club structure and organization.

Officers will not be elected, but will instead be selected by the president with the consensus of the entire club.

Officer selection will be based on spiritual gifts and commitment displayed by that member.

The term of office will not be limited to one year, but will be re-evaluated every year.

Duties of Officers 

The President is to lead the meetings as well as appoint officers and committees when necessary.

The Vice President keeps track of finances and fills in for the president in his/her absence.

The Secretary keeps records of all meetings and organizes contacts and other important information.  This person is also responsible for distributing the minutes of each meeting to the members of the club via e-mail.

The Librarian organizes and maintains all forms of media including CDs, Videos and Periodicals.

The Concert Coordinator maintains contact with bands and controls organization of concerts and concert trips.

The Public Representative is in charge of advertising for Positive Airwaves events.  This person is also responsible for communicating the purpose of Positive Airwaves to those who may not understand it.

The Web Master maintains the web page by making updates and keeping information current.




Membership is extended to undergraduates enrolled at Dordt College.

Members must posses the desire to increase Christian music awareness and have a commitment to do so under the guidelines of the club.


Meetings will be held weekly or biweekly depending on the urgency of current issues.


The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members of the club, present and voting, providing the amendment has been proposed at least one meeting previous to the time of voting.